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Hydro-Stop Installation Video


BarrierGuard® is designed for waterproofing all types of masonry surfaces such as foundation walls, concrete panels, retaining walls and moisture-retaining structures such as gutters, cisterns, and concrete shrubbery boxes.

Mixed with water and Portland cement, and fully reinforced with BarrierGuard® fabric, it forms a hard-wearing, flexible compound. It is also resistant to standing water and ideal for subterranean waterproofing.


PremiumCoat® sustainable roofing and waterproofing system is one of the highest quality roofing and waterproofing systems available. It is made of the best raw materials to form a flexible, U.V. resistant elastomeric compound and is fully reinforced with a tough nonwoven polyester fabric which has been designed for roofing and flashing applications of all types.

PremiumCoat® is easy to apply, safe to work with and requires no special equipment. When the system is properly installed, by a certified applicator, a 10 year warranty is available for specific roofing applications. The warranty can then be extended every 10 years under a proper maintenance schedule.


FlexCoat Is a crack-bridging elastomeric coating for masonry.
Masonry, and in particular, stucco, is a major point of entry for water. FlexCoat crack-bridging elastomeric is carefully formulated to stay flexible to handle crack movement and provide a high-quality water seal at the same time.

FlexCoat keeps the water out while allowing you the option of hundreds of colors to match your decor.

Flashing Demo, part 1

PART 1 of 2 – HydroStop PremiumCoat System – Roof Penetrations (Pipe)
Flashing Demo using FoundationCoat, Fabric, FoundationCoat to waterproof a roof penetration. Follow this with two coats of FinishCoat.

Flashing Demo, part 2

PART 2 of 2 – HydroStop PremiumCoat System – Wall to Roof Transitions & Parapet Walls (Corner detail). Flashing Demo using FoundationCoat, Fabric, FoundationCoat to waterproof the roof to wall transition (don’t forget the cant strip). Follow this with two coats of FinishCoat.